Understanding Elo Boosting And Other Important Details!

While most League of Legends fans know about elo boosting, not many know how it works. League of Legends is a game of terminologies, and it is challenging, which makes it even better. Elo boosting is basically the act of allowing a professional or highly skilled player to play for you on your account. In short, you can get someone to boost your account and take you to a stronger level. So, when you are a silver player in LoL, a better player can take you to Platinum in the fastest time possible. If you are interested, we have a few tips below that may come handy.

Knowing elo boosting better

Elo boosting isn’t anything new, but as you can guess, it is not that the developers will promote or recommend. If RIOT finds out, the account of both players can be suspended and ranks can be taken off. Expectedly, you have to be careful about selecting an Elo boosting service. First things first, do not compromise on security, and therefore, don’t settle for cheap services. Many players lost their account in the process of saving some money. Secondly, check if the Elo boosting service uses a VPN and an encrypted connection.

How does it work?

Elo boosting is an easy act. Once you have found the right service, they will connect you to a skilled LoL player, known as the booster. You can assign your requirements and watch the booster take things ahead. This can be done in a number of ways, but typically, most players are recommended to have a smurf account. Also, some of the better elo boosting websites have an online forum, where you can connect with the booster during the gaming process. Please note that you will not have access to your account while the booster is logged in. Most services are extremely particular with the process, so please follow the same to avoid penalties and suspension of your account.

Finally, make sure that the cost is affordable. In all fairness, Elo boosting is not cheap, but for many players, it’s the only way they can beat their friends or move ahead in LoL. What also needs attention is the number of payment options at hand. Apart from PayPal, many websites may also accept credit card payments. Also, do check the FAQ page of the concerned service to know more on the relevant terms and conditions.