School Rugby Tours to Paris

Paris is unquestionably an amazing and culturally vibrant city – so that as any fan of sports knows, it is also a town with strong links to everything about worldwide rugby. School rugby tours to France’s capital can also enjoy the same cultural sights and encounters just like any other trip, but could also understand the added dimension of facing off against a number of France’s teams inside a country famous because of its excellence of the sport. Using the Charles de Gaulle airport terminal and Calais nearby, Paris bakes an ideal base to permit your team to build up both off and on the area.

Stade de France

The nation’s stadium of France, the Stade de France, can be found just north of Paris, and constitutes a wonderful visit for college students on school rugby tours. Inaugurated in 1998 having a football game between France and The country, it’s not hard to observe how the stadium went from strength to strength. Having a seating capacity well over 80,000, the stadium may be the eighth largest in Europe, and it has performed location of games from the greatest calibre, such as the 1999 and 2007 rugby world cups. It is also the house of both French national football and rugby teams, and when tour groups have experienced the opportunity to inspect the facilities, you can understand why.

Stade Français

Another stadium greatly worth a trip on your school rugby tours may be the Stade Jean-Bouin, the place to find the famous Stade Français rugby club. Probably the most effective clubs of modern times, it really is worth researching for anybody interested in the current clubs and leagues of rugby. Stade Français plays within the Top 14 domestic league in Paris, although there is a lengthy and vibrant history. The club took part in the initial French championship final in 1892, and won numerous titles during the introduction of the game within the 1900’s. It can make to have an interesting lead directly into further history study during your vacation, because the abstract information on the time may become quite highly relevant to the way the game was seen and performed.

What’s inside a name?

A fascinating observation to create on school rugby tours is the name ‘Stade Français’ – within the 1800’s, many emerging sports clubs were both modelled and named after their British counterparts, so a golf club named ‘Stade’, like a indication from the sports accomplishments of Ancient A holiday in greece, required on the new meaning for that club.