Rummy is a Game for All

Games have existed in the society since time immemorial. There are a plethora of reasons why games are lapped up by all and sundry. Think from the perspective of a child, and we realize that they love games because games are an excellent source of recreation for them. This holds true for a lot of other people too. Nevertheless, games have multifarious benefits. Games can be outdoor games or indoor ones. The former involve a lot of physical activity and help us stay physically fit and mentally agile. However, there are a lot of us who cannot participate in them, due to hurdles such as health issues or old age etc. The latter category of games can be enjoyed by everybody. The mesmerizing card game rummy is one of them.

Rummy is a game with timeless appeal and has been prevalent in almost all parts of the world. It is known by different names at different places, and the rules also vary to some extent. However, the fundamentals are more or less the same. All versions of rummy are essentially about melding of cards. Rummy is a brain game, but what makes it alluring to one and all is the fact that it is neither as tough as chess, nor as easy as snakes and ladders. Individuals of all nationalities and ages, and both the genders can revel in this marvelous means of recreation.

Even six year olds can play the game. Colourful cards appeal to them and they love to engage in this card melding game. Housewives can have nice bouts of socializing and fun when they gather in their spare time and take delight in the amusement that the game offers. Office goers can make the most of their time spent in transit by immersing themselves in this wonderful leisure pursuit. The elderly can make their sleepy retirement days come alive by indulging in the game with their buddies. Not only this, it is also made use of by psychologists to initiate the learning process in slow learners- young as well as adults.

At one time, it was considered a prerogative of only the affluent. The classics of cinematography depict rich people amusing themselves over sessions of the game in clubs and other social gatherings. The movie industry itself has also been a patron of the game.Lavish card parties are thrown by the stars at almost every celebratory event. The modern era has brought the game within easy reach of commonplaces too. Now everybody can have easy access to the gamewhenever and wherever they want. Social and financial backgrounds no longer pose any hurdles.

The game is deemed to be a game of skills and it is rightly so. Despite being a simple game with a few rules, it makes the players rack their brains hard. This factor ensures that the players are not only thoroughly entertained, but also acquire a number of significant skills. Players automatically gain a grasp over many a number concept, develop patience, quick decision making ability and analyzing qualities. Apart from the social interaction, it involves multisensory processes such as kinaesthetic, visual and auditory activities. These contribute to effective learning as also enjoyment. These are the reasons that make points rummy a game for all.

The advancements in technology have spruced up the traditional game. It has emerged in a lively avatar and taken the world by storm. Earlier, rummy lovers used to hunt and wait for their comrades to indulge in their favorite means of amusement. But with the arrival of online rummy, the game has become as portable as your mobile phone. Points Rummy lovers are present at the online platform 24*7, so that you can enjoy the game as and when you want.

The Crux of the Matter

Indoor games provide succor to those who cannot play outdoor games. Rummy is an indoor game with a universal appeal that just everybody can enjoy, be it a child or an adult or an elderly, male or female, homemaker or office goer or businessman.  It offers superb entertainment, strengthens social bonds, sharpens the mind and improves the reflexes of the players. It has something for everybody. And online rummy has made the traditional card game all the more enticing for all. What are you waiting for!