Experiential Learning Through Team Development Games

To put it simply, experiential learning is ‘learning through doing’ and, if structured properly, team development games are a great approach to this learning style. Although a day to day occurrence (all of us clearly learn through doing regularly) for experiential learning to possess a profound effect, it should be completed in an organized atmosphere, allowing here we are at its most significant element, reflection. The person involved is inspired to appreciate everyday their experience from your analytical perspective, understanding failure and success and tinkering with new techniques. A topic of great importance and theoretical work, the logic behind this learning method is dependant on David Kolb’s ‘Experiential Learning Model’ which follows as thus:

1. Concrete Experience (where stage the participant is positively involved with confirmed task),

2. Reflective Observation (in which the participant evaluates their performance within the task at hands),

3. Abstract Conceptualisation (through analysis of past performance, the participant reflect on their approach) and lastly,

4. Active Experimentation (where the participant approaches the job again from the different position).

This four step cyclical process encourages behavioural change to be successful and is a very common aspect in many team development games.

The advantages of Experiential Learning

The advantages of experiential learning through team development games exceed Kolb’s learning model. Through the nature from the method, those activities are tasks unfamiliar to any or all, evening the arena between all involved no matter their position during the workplace. This creates an atmosphere by which individuals can explore new roles and where the chance of failure bears no consequence. This encourages high risk and highlights regions of strength that could have formerly gone undetected. Because of the short time period of team development games, relationships one of the group form rapidly and, generally important to success, working together progresses inside a natural manner. Reflection on action seems immediate, permitting a learning procedure that is instant and efficient. When the being active is adopted up properly, it can result in improved performance within the regions of working together, problem-solving, conflict resolution, communication and leadership, to mention however a couple of.

The bubble soccer game that you intend to choose for your team bonding needs should be able to increase your productivity and team strength needs. The game would be able to increase the bonding between the players while having fun.