Basic guide of League of Legends to start playing and watch games

Are you ready to learn what League of Legends is? We help you take your first steps in this popular game. League of Legends is the most popular game in the eSports and that monopolizes all the headlines when it comes to filling stadiums. Since its release in 2009, the game of Riot Games has received very important changes that have improved from the visual section to some important elements of the game. In addition, every so often there are new champions who arrive. Despite this, the essence of the game remains. If you are new and want to know what the game is that millions of people are hooked around the world, it is best to take a look at this basic guide to start in League of Legends.

The game

At first, League of Legends was based on the idea that the player was a Summoner who took control of heroes of Runeterra, the fictional universe that serves as a pretext for the game. In this universe, the wars between the factions have been reduced to a fight of champions and heroes who have made the decision to fight, thus creating the League of Legends or League of Legends. We can find three types of different scenarios, called Fields of Justice:

Summoner’s Crevice (5c5): it is the best known map and the one that is played competitively. Two teams of five players fight on a map of three streets or lines, divided by a river and with a neutral jungle.

Twisted Forest (3c3): a reduced map with two streets and two teams of three players in each. The games are faster and frenetic. It has a jungle in the center with neutral objectives that benefit the team that is made with them.

The Abyss of the Laments (5c5): a map that was born following the popular ARAM (All Random All Mid / All Random All Medium). An aggressive map that is made to fight, because there is only one street and there is no option to return to base to heal.

The goal in League of Legends is always to destroy the Nexus of the opponent. For this you have to advance through the lines, destroying the enemy towers and maybe LoL boost. With us there will be groups of minions who leave from the base, with three who fight hand-to-hand and three others who fight from a distance. They are generated automatically and are controlled by the AI. Once we reach the base, we will also have to destroy the Inhibitors, which will allow us to recruit the super henchmen for a limited time.